Reaching the youth through Music


Hip Hop is the most influential medium in the world!  We are using this platform to communicate our message of responsibility to the young people that are creating chaos in the inner cities.  This conference is the 1st Circle of commerce organization officially released to the public.

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Blackman Music Group


Anthony Blackman aka King Blackman is the President of the Circle of Entertainment and has produced several Street Classics.  We are always looking for artist to come over to make a change in the mindset of the world.  Check him out by clicking on the picture above. Coming soon to Brownsville is Circle of Brotherhood Studios.

ICE Squad Entertainment


Lamont "Popp" Nanton Vice President of the Circle of Entertainment and Head of Ice Squad Entertainment is the other component that makes up the core of The Circle of Entertainment.  Integrity, Character and Excellence are the elements that make ICE so cold.  Check them out by clicking on the picture above. The ICE Squad also does speaking engagements and any other kind of events.

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If Comedy is what you like, Chicken George is your guy!  We are always looking for Comedians to join the Circle of Comedy.  Come and see if you can make us laugh...

Chicken George

Director of Laughs

Hip Hop


The Circle of Hip Hop is taking the messages of positivity and creativity to the community.  We will no longer let others control our narrative.  Join the resistance!!!  King Blackman and Ice Squad Entertainment are changing the game.

R and B


If you think you can sing, come and share your talent with the world.  Music is the language of love and Brother Oliver will help you to shape and mold your career.

Motivational Speaking


Our Circle of Speakers is designed to tell the stories of overcoming life's challenges.    Communicators Academy is our official Trainer. 

Eye Urban TV

Eye Urban will soon be launching our 24 hour community content driven network.

Andre Soul created Eye Urban TV and is the official media consultant for the Circle of Entertainment.  All multimedia coordination is handled through Eye Urban.

Movis Media

Candyce Haynes-Forrester was a Marine Public Affairs Officer that is now in the Public Affairs Space

Movis Media Group is the official media consultant for the Sisterhood Circle.  She is also our International Media consultant and works closely with Eye Urban and is headed up by Candyce Haynes-Forrester

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The foundation of our music has one its main origins as the church.  The Circle of Entertainment acknowledges this and has added it to our Platform.



Art imitating life is a skill that can best be seen on stage or on the screen.  We have some of the most gifted individuals sharing their experience with the public.

Spoken Word


Wordsmiths are able to make the audience visit their inner most parts of the mind.  If you think you have what it takes, then join the Circle of Entertainment.

Reggae Best of the Best Music Fest


Reggae music is universal and South Florida is home to the largest Reggae Music Festival called the "Best of The Best" Music Festival.

MLK Parade and Festivities Committee


The Martin Luther King Parade and Festivities Committee produces the largest and oldest MLK Parade in the United States. 

City of Miami Gardens Jazz in the Gardens


Relax and kick back to some smooth jazz music and let you mind wonder.  The Circle of Entertainment is a total music experience.

Get in where you fit in!!!